The Hurston & Hughes Literary Circle 3.0

This summer, there will be an unique opportunity presented for St. Louis area African-American/Diasporian middle and high schoolers to gather to read, discuss, and write about literary works from their cultural perspective.

The program runs from Tuesday, June 7th, 4-6m to Tuesday, July 26th, 4-6pm.

Hurston & Hughes Literary Circle 3.o will cap participation at twenty, ideally equally spread between middle (6-7-8) and high school (9-10-11-12) based on 2016-17 placement.

African-American Summer reading and engagement experience for Teens

A program of Tayé Foster Bradshaw’s Bookshelf

Who: 6th-12th Grade African-American Students in the St. Louis area

When: Tuesday evenings, 4pm-6pm, June 7-26, 2016

Where: Locations vary depending on changing interest, set locations are highlighted in bold, others are subject to change. All are in the St. Louis area.

Founding Director Contact: Antona Smith, 816-878-3935

Cost:  $25 Registration fee (waived if student really can’t afford it, plus Purchase or borrow the book, money for coffee or light meal, depending on location ($10) + cost of materials for their final presentation.

In its third summer, this unique gathering of literary scholars is an opportunity for upper middle school and high school students to dig deeper into African American and African dystopian poetry, literature, and essays. Conducted in a Seminar method, these sessions begin with poetry and usually read 3-4 books per summer, depending on the depth of the text. Each member is encouraged to suggest a text and then to be fully engaged in the discussions. It is a great preparation for those interested in pursuing Honors English or any of the AP Literature courses. It is also preparation for literary exploration in college. Each student is invited and encouraged to also read any required text for their upcoming English classes.

All participants are asked to come prepared to be engaged in the dialogue, to have read the materials, to have pen and paper for writing. All participants are also asked to set up a Google Plus account and will be added to the Hurston & Hughes Literary Circle page for updates, reading lists, and of course, to share thoughts. Contact can be made through  twitter, @lattegriot, on Facebook through TayéFosterBradshawGroup. Email is

The youth will have an opportunity to present their thoughts at the end of the session, each participant is encouraged to find one piece of literature or poetry and render their presentation in a way that best exemplifies the text and that participant’s interest. It can be a photograph the student takes, a painting, a poster project, a song, or a story.

Final Presentation will be on Tuesday, July 26, 2016 at 7pm at the Eyeseeme Bookstore multipurpose room. Each presenter will have 5-7 minutes to present. Parents and the Public are invited to attend. Light refreshments provided.

Total Estimated Cost for All Eight Sessions – $145  (includes the possibility of the participant purchasing at least four books, weekly beverage plus snack capped at $10 depending on location, and registration fee)

Hurston & Hughes Literary Circle 3.0 – African American Summer Reading Club

June 7, 4pm-6pm           Poetry, Read & Discover, Write & Share             Mod Pizza – Kirkwood

June 14, 4pm-6pm         Be A Child Again, Read & Discover                        St. Louis County Headquarters

June 21, 4pm-6pm         Classically Minded                                                      Kaldi’s – Kirkwood

June 28, 4pm-6pm         Someone Like Me, Tween & Teen                          STLPLibrary-Carpenter Branch

July 5, 4pm-6pm              What is America to the Negro?                              Eyeseeme Bookstore

July 12, 4pm-6pm           Time to Get Ready, Honors & AP Prep                 Smoothie King – CWE

July 19, 4pm-6pm           A Little Bit of History                                                 Missouri History Museum

July 26, 4pm-6pm           St.Louis Writing Scene and Celebration               Eyeseeme Bookstore

This last session is a gathering and celebration, presentation by the participants

Every participant is invited and encouraged to suggest materials, the criteria is that the protagonist and/or author must be a member of the African Diaspora (West Indian, Latin American, native African, or American)

Locations are subject to change after the first meeting

Contact – Ms. Antona, 816-878-3935 or or, @lattegriot on twitter








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