Writer’s Block

Writer’s block happens at the most inopportune time.

It happens when the blank page is staring back, glaring, demanding that words be placed upon its pristine surface.

It happens when the pen is held precisely over the falsely-aged pages of the handmade Italian leather journal purchased just for the reason of inspiration and imagination.

It happens when circumstances of social importance overtake the calendar and force an attention be paid to justice when words can not capture the essence of what has taken place.

Writer’s block happens.

Write through it in tweets, posts, and notes on scraps of Post-Its attached to pages of books read to ignite the passion, to rejuvenate the soul, to awaken the spirit.

Writer’s block happens.

Write through it on pieces of newspaper that have an interesting quote or the backs of shopping lists mean to refill the coffers from an empty cupboard in the home office snack cabinet.

Write through the distractions of parades and serenades and holidays and birthdays.

Writer’s block happens.

The only cure is to write.

Keep writing.






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