RePressed From Indie Hero: Agents. Qualified literary gatekeepers?

Agents. Qualified literary gatekeepers?.


I really like what Brian Marggraf has to say, if it happened to him, what do you think happens to the rest of us who write “niche” literary work – no vampires, damsels in distress, and protagonists that are black women living in the suburb!

More and more writers are doing just what he suggested.

My advice, take notes from Brian, be sure to have some trusted advisers to read it, own your copyright, and put it out there yourself.  So what if you don’t get that advance, at least you have it in the hands of someone who will communicate directly with you.








One response to “RePressed From Indie Hero: Agents. Qualified literary gatekeepers?”

  1. Brian Marggraf Avatar

    Thanks for the repress. Great preface to my post, too.

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