Mindspace to Heartspace

Mindspace, that illusive place that companies want to occupy, to “own”, to track, to manage, to predict, and to serve.

Marketing engages in research, observation, and “gut feelings” to make conclusions about how customers interact with our product, brand, or service.  Is Coca-Cola recognized worldwide and beloved by many because of its taste? Or is it because it made connections with the customer?

Memories, moments, and marketing intersect when a product, brand, or service connects with significant moments in a customer’s life.  Emotions are a part of what guides the purchase, whether it is the college student away from home the first time and has to purchase laundry detergent for the first time or the little girl who remembered how wonderful it felt to have her first surprise party featuring specialty made cupcake, she will associate warm feelings with that taste.  Marketing helps to connect those emotions time and time again.

More than advertising, more than sales, more than a product on a shelf, marketing is about stories.

Let Tayé Foster Bradshaw help you write one that will reach your customer in their heartspace.


Tayé Foster Bradshaw is ready to serve you, your place, your time, your budget, your goals.

Words connect the soul and speak to the heart

We are here to help you write the story of your brand, product, service, or non-profit.  Do you want a social media presence but are unsure of how to tweet on Twitter? Want a facebook presence but do not have the time to keep it updated?  Would like to blog but need help formulating the thoughts?

Let us be your writing and communication headquarters!

Writing is the spirit of what we do here at Tayé Foster Bradshaw Marketing & Communications Group®.  We are here to help take your concept, ideas, passion, and desire to reach your audience and translate it into the medium that makes the most sense.

Are you a non-profit with a small budget? Do you manage a doctor’s office or health practitioner reaching out to a new audience? Are you in educational services and want to guide high school students to college?  We can help you do that.

We will bring you our passion for writing and, experience in developing social media content, product marketing, branding strategies, higher education, non-profit management, and government offices.

Let’s sit down over a cup of coffee and discuss your needs.  We will work with your timeframe and help you develop the strategy that makes sense for your goals.  We are focused on YOU and what YOU need.  YOU are our MOST IMPORTANT CLIENT. 

We are a boutique firm and bring you the skills of a marketing consultant, the passion of an educator, the curiosity of a visionary, and the imagination of a writer. 



Antona Brent Smith, MBA, President & COO

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